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Found 8 results

  1. 第一次發文提問,由於實在解決不了問題 如違反版規我直接將文章移除,正文如下: 目前有一台伺服器電腦,但是VMWARE設置好之後開啟不了POE 爬了各種文章都找不到VMWARE設置POE的文章(如果有的話可以貼給小弟看看) 錯誤訊息為: invalid vector<T> subscript --------- 網上各位大神說,更新驅動就沒問題了 但虛擬機的顯卡驅動無論怎麼更新,都是最新的 初步接觸虛擬機,實在有點不懂... 能為我解答一下嗎? 我會非常感激 另外,這台虛擬機的DX draw加速、APT加速也無法開啟 只有3D加速是正常的,請問是甚麼原因呢?
  2. Была такая тема ... но нужного ответа там не было - так как чела забанили и дальше он не чего не писал. Я сам с далека, проблемы без Vm нет... играется легко и пинга нету и бота тока так пока ставлю... а как пытаюсь что та настроить в Vmware как там пинг от 200 до 2к. There was such a topic ... but the necessary answer was not there - since the brow was banned and then he did not write anything. I myself am far away, there is no problem without Vm ... it is easy to play and there is no ping and I don’t have a current bot so far ... but how am I trying to configure it in Vmware as there is a ping from 200 to 2k.
  3. clidix

    Vmware help

    Is botting on vmware workstation still good? since poe requires directx 11. Ive tried running it but on have max 10 fps. unlike before the dx9 version. Or did i do something wrong? 3d acceleration is enabled. tried 3gb video memory and 6gb ram. still low fps. Is there any work around?
  4. How to fix. Failed to create D3D11Device On Vmware -install vmwaretool -install dx9c & Dx11
  5. Всем привет. Начал только вчера и столкнулся с парой проблем. При попытке запуска клиента игры с виртуальной машины выдает кучу подобных ошибок https://pastenow.ru/3B4K8 https://pastenow.ru/9765060bb3b00bedb342277681dbdc10 https://pastenow.ru/724bb15196e120fed22144acc1625301 https://pastenow.ru/41ca0c3331265860e939608bfe6b9535 Поиск в сети подсказал, что проблема в недостающих компонентах в пакетах директХ. Но установка последних не дала результата. Устанавливал из под виртуальной машины. Что я сделал не так? Буду рад помощи.
  6. HbC6yqQaQWS7YjQGcAU2

    Bug Report : Bot-Crash

    Hallo Guys I had a lot of Bot crashes after the last Game Update and I tried to find out in which constallation the bot crashes. Basic Test Systems ( The error appears on every system ) 1: Actual Gaming Laptop Windows 10 Pro 64 PoE Steam Version 2: Actual PC Windows 8.1 64 PoE Steam Version 3: Old VM-Notebook Dell M4800 VMWare Workstation 12.5 ( http://www.vmware.com/de/products/workstation/workstation-evaluation.html ) Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL mit SP1 UPDATED Mai 2011 x64 ( https://boerse.to/thema/windows-7-mit-sp1-build-7601-rtm-32-64-bit-deutsch-unveraendert.1786798/ ) PoE stand alone client __________________________________________________________________________________ Every Test System have the same installed basic software for the runtimes : AIO-runtimes-Version 2.3.9 ( https://www.sereby.org/site/downloads/All%20in%20One%20Runtimes ) Every setting have the same installed Game-Version : 2.5.1b and the same Bot-Version : Exiled Bot Beta v0.66l Every system starts the Bot automatically as Administrator I checked both threads before : ( https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/1498-common-bot-fixes-please-read/ ) ( https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/5279-must-read-before-posting/ ) __________________________________________________________________________________ Every Test System have the same graphic settings : [DISPLAY] adapter_name=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX borderless_windowed_fullscreen=false directx_version=9 dx11_antialias_mode=0 dx9_antialias_mode=0 fullscreen=false max_PS_shader_model=ps_3_0 max_VS_shader_model=vs_3_0 maximize_window=true post_processing=false resolution_height=600 resolution_width=800 screen_shake=false shadow_type=no_shadows texture_filtering=0 texture_quality=5 vsync=false __________________________________________________________________________________ Bug description: The Bot crashes if i enable : Progression : General settings : Enable Progression Map : Use Waypoint states from progression It doesn't matter which zone is selected and it doesn't matter if the zone is known or not .... Every waypoint is synchroniced with the Char ( I have only one Char ) __________________________________________________________________________________ lastrun.log from the last crash 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> Bot started 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> config.ini file loaded from C:\Games\Test_v0.66l_6\Configuration\default\config.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> skills.ini file loaded from C:\Games\Test_v0.66l_6\Configuration\default\skills.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> system.ini file loaded from C:\Games\Test_v0.66l_6\Configuration\default\system.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> coordinates.ini file loaded from C:\Games\Test_v0.66l_6\Configuration\default\coordinates.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> pickit.ini file loaded from C:\Games\Test_v0.66l_6\Configuration\default\pickit.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> flasks.ini file loaded from C:\Games\Test_v0.66l_6\Configuration\default\flasks.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> progress.ini file loaded from C:\Games\Test_v0.66l_6\Configuration\default\progress.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:11 [info] -> game ini file loaded from C:\Users\Samyaza\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile\production_Config.ini 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Area switched from none to The Sarn Encampment 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Idling... 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:12 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 2017-01-03 21:18:13 [info] -> Moving to position(2385.869629, 2298.913086). State Priority: 3 __________________________________________________________________________________ PS : If you want to check the problem by yourself : I can give you a remote access to the Test-System 3 via Teamviewer - only the game and the bot are installed
  7. mercurial003

    How to get VMware..

    Hello community, i see too often people asking for vmware download link in discord chat and i tought to leave it here. I know this is not a real guide, you can move this thread to a proper section. VMware workstation pro 12 Steps: 1. Download trial from official site 2. Activate program with one of the below serials Vmware workstation pro 12 download link from official site: http://www.vmware.com/products/workstation/workstation-evaluation.html Serial Key for activation: 5A02H-AU243-TZJ49-GTC7K-3C61N 1J0KL-CZK41-H8JF3-0JAUK-CWC27 VMware workstation 7 https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?downloadGroup=WKST-716-WIN&productId=154&rPId=2615 Serial Key for activation: ZV1NU-01F0J-H88LP-VGZQX-ZKK9D ZY3TH-82XE2-M8D4P-RWZQC-MPHE2 YU7T8-FVYE0-08EQZ-KMZ7X-YAHU4 CY1EK-ANW53-M8DQP-LYWQV-PL8TF UZ79U-0XW4M-080HZ-FDWGG-ZYKC8 AF7W8-2HW45-085CQ-FMYGZ-ZL8ZF GG7MH-0VY56-H8DHP-DMQXG-Z6UUA VC7TA-F5D57-H85LY-FMY7G-NQHDF ZC398-43D57-485FQ-D6WX9-QQHW8 GZ3NK-63W8J-488YZ-QYM5T-X68ZA AV5MR-06D80-481FY-XMZNE-YVUEF Thanks to xzyxzy for providing vmware 7 keys
  8. powstriker

    VMWare "Out of Memory"

    Hello gentlemen and gentlewomen, First and foremost, if I have posted this in the wrong section, forgive my ignorance, for I am not very into the use of forums. I come here today in an attempt to solve an issue preventing me from playing PoE on my VMWare. I currently have VMWare Workstation 10 running a Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 32 bit operating system, while my main computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I have dedicated 2.5gb to the VMWare of my total 8gb of memory, and I am currently running 25gb harddrive on my VMWare with the PoE folder shared between the host and VMWare. I am able to connect to PoE and even log on the character (on the VMWare), but every time I attempt to leave the town, no matter which instance I am trying to access, I get an error that says: D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY Out of Video Memory At times, there is an occasional message with the error, indicating some error with some art model. I have linked both errors here and here (I would insert the picture, but as I mentioned, I rarely use forums and I'd rather not embarrass myself with a failed insertion). These are the only errors I have experienced, other than the Direct3D device incompatible, though I believe I have solved that issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. TL;DR - Getting an out of memory error when trying to zone, even though I have 2+gb RAM dedicated to VMWare Workstation 10. Errors are hyperlinked above.
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