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  1. There was already a similar program available, I just wanted to show my version that has been optimised for speed. A few people have already Pmed me though so I might release this after I've made it more user friendly and sorted out the bugs. =)
  2. I've always wanted to make a program that sorts out stash placement as fast as possible and I've had enough free time to do so today so I made one, and it's really fun to watch. =P Here's a video: Watch in HD for a better viewing experience! Everything is in real speed, doesn't use login info and is pretty flexible, also it says inventory sorter but it's really a stash sorter lol. Works with all Resolutions ^.^ There is already a similar thing available already so I probably won't release this, I just thought people might want to see something neat. =)
  3. Spawnova

    How to disable "double ctrl key"

    You could try running an AutoHotKey script to block one of the controls. If the bot is pressing 2 controls which I don't know why it would, this will block one of them so only the left control will work. #ifwinactive Path of Exile { rcontrol:: return } Also like john said, see if you can find the option to disable that feature.
  4. Ah, I was unaware of that. Still, I'll leave this here is anyone is interested. Thanks for letting me know. =P
  5. Spawnova

    Keybinding to Start The Bot

    Hello there. What you are asking for can easily be done with a small AutoHotKey script. I've quickly written one up that you might find useful. TrayTip,ExiledBot_Start,ExiledBot_Start is now running. settimer,CheckForBot,1000 ;Comment this out if you want it to run even when the bot is not running. return ^F12:: ;HotKey = Control+F12 Process, Exist, ExiledBot.exe if (ErrorLevel = 0) { MsgBox ExiledBot is not running. } else { ControlClick,Button3,ahk_pid %ErrorLevel% ;Exitapp ;Uncomment Exitapp if you want this program to close after the bot starts. } return CheckForBot: Process, Exist, ExiledBot.exe if (ErrorLevel = 0) { ExitApp } return Just start this program with your bot and Control+F12 becomes start bot. Hope that helps. =P
  6. Salutations! This program is for checking the rolls on uniques compared to their max rolls in-game easily, this will ONLY work with uniques at the moment and is mainly for people who do not know all the min and max roles of uniques. This program will download data for uniques if there is none present, so the first time you check a unique it will take a short time to load, however subsequent checks will be instant. If a unique gets a new version released just delete the uniques .txt file in the items folder and the program will re-download the new information. You can change the font size and type as well as hotkey. This is a program I just recently made and so far I've not ran into any issue but if you find any please do let me know. How to use - Hover over a Unique in-game (trade link or stash item etc.) then press your hotkey to grab the information and display a tooltip! Download v1.1 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/mdajj8l2sdv4844/Unique_Rolls_v1.1.rar Changes - v1.1 Improved RegEx Patterns and optimized some code as well as fixing a small bug. (which turned into a few hundred more lines of code lol) added the ability to set the format of the tooltip to suite your own needs as well as a bit more gui elements. if upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1 it's advised to delete your items folder and let the program recreate it due to the new RegEx patterns being much better. Enjoy! If you have any suggestions, let me know. =P
  7. Ever consider changing the alt+w hotkey to something else? Personally I use w to move my character and I so frequently miss press alt w that I needed to block the hotkey, otherwise PoE turned into 3500x1000 client size. Amazing script nonetheless. =P
  8. Spawnova

    AHK script for saying "/oos"

    I think Gurus Multiscript does this. I recommend using Guru's Multiscript with the bots flask options disabled anyway, as gurus works much better and uses granites/jades etc.
  9. Spawnova

    Using my Computer while Botting

    It's possible to bot without using the mouse via ControlSend but it's hard to tell if that would be more detectable, as far as having youtube always be on top, you could do that but only if it didn't interfere with the PoE client.
  10. The gems not currently in the pickit file are.. Vaal Burning Arrow Vaal Double Strike Vaal Grace Vaal Haste Vaal Reave Vaal Clarity Vaal Discipline Vaal Flameblast Vaal Lightning Trap Vaal Power Siphon Vaal Righteous Fire
  11. Spawnova

    Some ideas.

    True this would also be a good idea, it's more human anyway that people would use an area skill to break them. Keeping an option to still allow users to skip would also be necessary as some people do not run with skills that can break vases.
  12. Spawnova

    Some ideas.

    So, first things first... We really need the option to respawn in town/checkpoint rather than log out constantly, it draws attention to ourselves especially if we have friends on our list. Updating the flask code would be useful as it just doesn't work as well as the poe multiscript flasking, I usually just disable the bot from flasking and use multiscript instead. An option to play a sound when someone whispers you would also be nice, I like to have friends when I play, being able to hear a sound when they talk to me while the bot is running would be useful so I can pause and respond. Portal when a specific monster is in range (similar to chicken), some monsters come up frequently in the map you are botting and you don't want to be logging in and out every 10 minutes so the ability to very quickly portal out skipping any monsters (maybe items?) in the area would be useful. Shift clicking items to identify them, not a huge deal but would be slightly faster and more human like if the bot used shift click to identify multiple items rather than clicking a scroll every time. Loot chests but not crates and vases, an option to just loot chests and not the other destructible objects would be useful so you can loot extra items but not get stuck as much. That's it for now, I'll update anything else if I think of it.
  13. Spawnova

    [StashItem] == "Tab #"

    This would be useful. =P
  14. Ah I understand now, when I re do the UI I will add the ability to select from a list of implicit or explicit mods, the folder can be renamed whatever you like as well, I was tired when I made it and never noticed the error, but I will fix it from this point forward. =) I'll add the version to the title bar from now on as well and thanks for the error in flask mod, I made a program to automate the process of finding mods, it must have spliced some mod names together or something. As far as the add modifier button being off could you please PM a picture of this as I do not see it on my end, you can use Imgur to upload pictures easily and without an account.
  15. I'm actually working on this, just going through all the names is time consuming. This is a bug that I was not aware of and has been fixed, thank you. This is odd, I've not seen this happen before, I'll look into it though. I'm working on making the gui a bit more user friendly but it will take me some time to think of the best approach. This was a bug sorry it has been fixed. The dropdownlist for and/or is not available for the end modifier since the next modifier does not exist, when you add another modifier it enables it, however I will most likely change this anyway when I update the gui. Could you explain in more detail for me please, I'm not sure I understand sorry. Thank you for the suggestions and bug reports. =) I've uploaded the new version with the bug fixes and will be working on the other improvements as well.
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