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  1. username1001101

    0.92d - key won't activate

    For 10 years the key have worked. Last time I used them on any of the three physical machines was sometime mid-last league... since then, nothing has changed on my part. After updated to current version 0.92d, the keys suddenly can't be used to activated profiles anymore. The only thing that has changed is the bot version. Hence, there's a problem on the bot part. A friend of mine who also uses eb can activate his keys without issues. When I sent him my username and one key of mine, he could also not activate my key. Hence the problem is with the key and activation. Not with my hardware/network setup. Another difference he noticed, on the forums "manage purchaes" site, he sees his keys immediately there. For me, they keys are not displayed, only when I enter the details page by clicking on "Manage". This all shows it's a problem with the key/activation and not with my hardware/network setup.
  2. username1001101

    0.92d - key won't activate

    It's not a network problem.
  3. Hi there I can't activate my keys anymore on 0.92.d. I checked the keys with the manage purchases if they are identical and they are. None of the keys is working. I tried to access/open a support ticket. Despite being Elite+, I only get this error: The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  4. username1001101


    Pointers have been updated again it and works. Thanks to the devs.
  5. username1001101


    This was now bad luck... new patch
  6. username1001101


    Awesome, thanks
  7. username1001101


    The bot for 3.19 was released a few days ago but there have been several patches. The Pointers aren't working anymore. Will there be an update soon?
  8. it would be nice if we could specificy socket colors and links to pickup, like R-R-R-B in a helmet.
  9. username1001101

    Not moving window?

    I noticed that the bot always moves the window to a given position when I press start. Is there an way to not move the window?
  10. username1001101


    and how is this now better? what is that interop for? Does it work in browser?
  11. username1001101

    Discord only for paid users

    check the elite forum
  12. username1001101

    To all those who got banned

    @xtreme Why don't you wanna help the GGG devs? Wiithout them we wouldn't have PoE
  13. username1001101

    To all those who got banned

    @bluechips They gather information on you and among that is the information that lead to the ban. So you when you ask them for your private data, they will also have to hand over that data. With that, you can find out how they found out about you cheating and with that knowledge the devs can build in circum measures.
  14. username1001101

    Twilight Strand

    you might be interested in this https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/10092-oni-goroshi-farming-script/
  15. username1001101

    Switch profile and idle (instant logout) don't work

    I also tried to do that and also failed.
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