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  1. bot wont go to mapping. Although i tried my best to try every config. ( It was detecting. I havent changed anything. ) Map tab: PickIt Tab: ( 10 is premium currency tab ) i also included deneme.ipd( map config ) i always facing this issue after sometime. wanna know how to fix this. 2023-04-20 02:26:36 [info] -> Error while reading inventory, looks like game data isn't loaded. Skipping update this time. timer.log lastrun.log pathfinding.log deneme.ipd
  2. Thanks for the explaination. But we need more gui and more leage mechanics. only updating offsets good but not enough please make some changes.
  3. i got a stutation like this; i got act 9. i tried to bot on act 9 (without epilogue) but he cant click part 2 nor act 9 because of the diffirent pixels. that is why i said it would happen.
  4. Have you finished all acts? because if you havent then bot wont go the right place. Cordinates on screen for all act game. (slightly differs the places. exp: x cordinate is 70 pixel right due to there is no act 3 ) Second guess have you enabled "Enable Progression" ? beacuse it's still beta not working complately as far as i know. Have a nice day sir!
  5. root426

    Cyclone Help Needed

    also you can işncrease max distance 30 45. And yes you are right on cyclone setup needs this. @SupZerg and you are wrong cyc is really great with bot.
  6. Try placing your pet skill to first skill set not second. (exp: not Ctrl+T, put it to T)
  7. root426


    Hi, im repiatx, I bought this bot because i hate the repeated task. Im also coder. I actually admire your work because it requires lot's of work especially if you are making offline bot( which sends clicks. lowers the writeteprocessmemory and also increasing the stealth of bot) but i prefer inline bots. (Which injecting own dll to target, If you are pro you can write own loadlibrary and you can hide your dll in target etc). Because when im working on computer i always want to do other things too. Offline bots block user computer. but inline bots wont, and it will work even if you minimize the window. But still i appricate your hard work. Im thinkin making a map and pick program for easy to configure. I will produce project codes to you so u can integrate it with my code. So which languge you prefer? i prefer c#(easy to write ) but if you say c++ i can write it n that too. If you say "hell no! you make it and user will use it as a second tool" then im okay with that too. I just want to help you a bit. That is all @alkpone i wish bot releases could came faster. And nice to meet you all!
  8. root426

    New bot 0.81d is not working

    War banner fix plz.
  9. im not playing delirium i made a bot character. Im awating for the bot
  10. root426

    Bot Stuck on Stash Tab

    actually i didnt mess up. Bot because bot itself froze and restarted itself. After that it stop working. I delete config now it works.
  11. This is my log plz help me Bot stuck in ho at stash open. i have 12 stash tab 7 is empty.
  12. we should add theese to global know fix issues
  13. Thx for replies now it makes sense i have to put every stash tab index on the top section 1,2,3,4,5 (5 is my currency) and bot will now upgrade map.
  14. i placed stash tabs; 1,2,3 Currency; 7 Map Tab;4 and even configured to map ipd. am i doing something wrong?
  15. Bot cant make upgrade on maps if we have currency stash tab, plz add this feature and support other premium staffs pls.
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