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  1. Youngblood

    Ritual League: New Pickit Items

    Really appreciate the update. Some of us do not understand the script to write. Thank you!
  2. Youngblood

    Pickit: Heist Item

    Thank you
  3. Youngblood

    Carrion Golem

    I do not see the Carrion Golem in the drop down window (Minion Type). Is there a work around to solve this issue to create Carrion Golems?
  4. Youngblood

    Bot not moving Game window

    Yes, i have selected dx9 and dx9e and the same results. I can run an earlier version of Exile.
  5. Youngblood

    Bot not moving Game window

    I am able to run old Bots but not the last four releases. My POE 600x800 window does not move or connect to Exile Bot like the old releases. Windows 10 Please give some feedback to what is preventing the bot from attaching to gaming window. Thanks lastrun.log
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