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  1. nonoroazoro

    Is refund Possible?

    I think you should be a little bit more patient, follow the guide and check your configs before you give up. The first step is always the hardest.
  2. nonoroazoro

    Can't download the bot

    I've purchased, but still can not download.
  3. nonoroazoro


  4. Need [name] or some other easy/fast way to setup my filters.... Please consider this request. Thanks.
  5. nonoroazoro

    BOT problems

    So is there any way to auto-restart pathofexile.exe of Garena TW after crashing? (P.S. You can not just exec pathofexile.exe to start the game, you have to click the start button of Garena TW - aka POETWLauncher.exe)
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