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  1. trombone

    curious where the bot update page is

    They mostly just post in discord, this forum isn't used too much. Look for the rotating "join us in discord" link at the top once you're logged in...
  2. trombone

    Totem Builds

    Totems worked great for me. Yeah can play with multiple of the same key with different delays, works fine. Bots don't do very well above t11 I found though.. they just stand in too many explosions or other things.... also leave strongboxes disabled for the same reason, it dies alot. Cast on death + portal is useful too tho.
  3. trombone

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    DId anyone get this working?
  4. trombone

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    Make sure you have "progression" unchecked... Anyone else get this working?
  5. You do this because the profile/ account switching stuff in the bot is broken? Or just helps it recover from errors? Is there a delay in there? Else why restart the computer like this... Don't you have to sort through bags at some point too? It can make it for 2 weeks wow...
  6. trombone

    How does Auto Profile Changer work?

    I'd experimented with profiles once awhile back and couldn't get them to work either. I'm not sure this feature was ever tested well - has anyone gotten it to work?
  7. It just recasts the buff over and over, without any delay. Maybe it broke when auras got updated? I'm trying it for blood rage, but there are quite a few other posts in the forums for people who have it fail at molten shield/etc as well. Thanks.
  8. Yeah every major patch requires offsets to be updated, Al will be on it, though I don' t know the expected timeframe...
  9. Has anyone else seen this? The bot will get stuck trying to sell something. If I take over, I can't ctrl+click things over either. Tapping the alt/ctrl/option keys seems to fix it.
  10. trombone

    I need Harbinger summoning

    Yeah, a feature where the bot could "update a skill to summon smth, then move it back to an active skill" would be cool
  11. trombone

    out of memory

    I heard some people day it worked better w/o dxtoy, you might try it w/o and see if you still get the memory issue.
  12. trombone

    still recasts auras each reload

    It seems to remember herald of ash, but otherwise each time I reload my config (F11) it turns off hatred and arctic armour, then waits ~3 minutes for my mana to reload, then turns them back on again. A bit annoying if it's possible to avoid, since I thought that was what the latest update was about. Thanks!
  13. trombone

    What is the best farming build for bot?

    I've been enjoying blade vortex. Some leech helps keep the bot alive. It's better with movement skills, but still good to have a quicksilver + pretty high movement speed. I have trouble sustaining yellow maps tho even with biscos. I hear flame totems are good, I want to try those eventually. I'm curious about max block sunder, might help keep it alive as well.
  14. How can we code custom bots, is there an interface to connect to the info from exiled-bot? That would be awesome!
  15. trombone

    use war cry as potion

    Probably not usually, as I've added that flask to the combat list with an attack magic monsters and a cooldown of 6 seconds (atziri flask)... Any way to have it skip the flask check? I am comfortable editing the files w/o the gui... Or, adding a hp/mana trigger to skills in the combat section.
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