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  1. only thing i can maybe help with is to make sure ur number of maps u wanna keep is set properly i aswell came back to poe less then aweek ago, had to re learn the bot and all if you look at the picture i included make sure ur tab with ur maps in it has less then the number set in the program i made the mistake of setting it to 3 thinking it keeps them in inventory but i was way wrong missing maps for hours lmao then i was like wtf it has to pick them up then re edited that setting to 48 and it started picking them up if your picking up white items or items u dont want it maybe because ur settings are wrong see my pictures for wut they should be to avoid whites..hope this helps
  2. badoobmx

    Bot stuck selecting character

    PoE has Recently Patched the game, You must wait for the bot to be updated just be patient
  3. badoobmx

    BOT problems

    hope this helps Make sure your game is windowed 800x600 resolution! Make sure you have the correct character position,Act and Area Selected DO NOT bot on windows XP! Use windows 7+. Make sure you're using stand alone client. Steam client does not work. Make sure you have DirectX 9 Selected Make sure you are running Path of Exile and Exiled Bot as Administrator! Make sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable package installed Make sure you always have the latest bot installed.
  4. badoobmx

    Update 3.0.1b

    you just gotta wait until alkpone does his updates on the offsets and it will be back up..
  5. badoobmx

    Hello World!

    hello everyone my name is badoo and i started playing poe again. poe sure has changed and i need to start botting again to get some decent gear. have a great day
  6. feeling upset..cant bot it doesnt work

  7. badoobmx


    nice to see you!
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