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  1. DocBrown

    A few questions before buying

    bot does work. I hadn't noticed if the bot was ever "slow", must be a version that I haven't tried. I heard that the steam version wasn't updated in awhile, which is pointing to a grim conclusion but I haven't used it so I could be wrong. We'll have to wait until a new patch drops to see if the stand alone (which is the most used i think) gets updated. Oh and the questing does work pretty good, but like others have said, best to keep an eye on it.
  2. DocBrown

    tempted to buy the bot but few things are required

    Hey just had an emergency meeting with the company managers, told them the requirements and they said 'we'll need some more time and will get back to you asap'
  3. DocBrown

    paid 30 days to try the product did not get key

    no scam, bot has a pretty large following but there are bans that seem to be sticking. Best to send a pm to alk
  4. DocBrown

    Bot keeps clicking top right

    if you use steam, you'll have to google how to change account from steam to stand alone client, then just use the bot on the client. But a heads up alot of ppl are getting banned so don't use your main account when you bot.
  5. DocBrown

    Bot keeps clicking top right

    hey steam version doesn't work i hear, you'd need to use the stand alone poe client
  6. DocBrown

    A few questions: Performance, Price, Promotions

    ggg's running a special promotion currently, bot 2 days get the 3rd banned free of charge
  7. DocBrown

    out of memory

    I could never get a 32bit light version to work. Tried 2 machines. Even had a guy i knew who had a ahk file to restart the bot every 4 hours to clear the memory. Just use a 64bit os
  8. DocBrown

    Stash Sorting

    will never happen. Most ppl only have 4 stash tabs on their guys, plus theres so many other potential things the bot could use besides that
  9. DocBrown

    Exiled Bot Feature Request

    almost ready to jump back into botting, would be great if progression was working. I remember the biggest problem i had was always questing to new guys
  10. DocBrown

    Auto chance script

    that won't be hard to write man, you should give yourself a crash course in auto hot key and you'll have your script in a day or two
  11. DocBrown

    Bot won't open in Sandboxie

    try certain versions of sandie boxie.
  12. DocBrown

    Bot with VM it's safe?

    vm's work because of mac address change and ip change. Theres a way to assign ip's through taps, but thats still something i haven't looked into yet
  13. DocBrown

    masters leveling

    to many quests man, there all different. It'll be very time consuming.
  14. Anyone else have this besides me? My blade vortex sometimes (actually happens alot) spins right past enemies. The only way I can actually resolve the stale mate is when the monster moves or i die. This happens with my other computer. It has nothing to do with the bot, its the damn poe client or something. I think other users of blade vortex will understand whats going on here.
  15. DocBrown

    Progress and suicide

    that is a good point
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