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    bot cant alch/transmute maps

    I use 4,5,6 for map tab and 4,5,6 for currency tab, dont work as well when thys tabs are splited for 1,2 is stash tab and chaos tab is 3 i tryed 4,5 for maps and 6 for currency dont work as well, i use deafuly map profile please help me i dont know how to force to work and 1 guide from here loooks like dark magic what i have to do to force him to run maps and alch/trans them ? thx from above
  2. how can i use to force him to run with flasks buffs all the time ? i cant set it i tryed flasks as skills and almost evry option i play with pathfinder and its pathethic for me now, i lose 80% of my dmg becose of that help me :/ also bot can use portal skill instead of scrolls? edit :its qorking now. i set it ass skill and gave it 9999 range and cooldown and now its work like it should but its safe? u know for example if bot will press 1 flask 90 times with 8962 ms cooldowns its litle inhuman.... also i made tabs 1/2/3/4/5 for all and 6 only for corrency it will work ?
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