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  1. qibo1236

    0.72d donot work on tencent client

    need update please
  2. 0.72 the bot does not sell items in tencent client .china it points wrong way,not the sell btn in hideout
  3. qibo1236

    腾讯3.2.3.1 bot 有更新吗

  4. qibo1236


  5. 腾讯中国服内测版本 EB 选哪个可以正常启动?
  6. qibo1236

    The bot often gets stucked by pick items or using tp

    I mean when the bot use tp to go back the town ,but the door opens behind lots of the items , aways there is an item strucks the way to point the back area...,then the bot is strucked.
  7. The bot often gets stucked when picking items or using tp
  8. qibo1236

    the game is banned by an admin

    How many hours to use the bot can not be banned by an admin usually?
  9. BOT 切換 倉庫頁簽的速度太快了,1秒鐘切換1-4頁,如何才能降低速度? 切換太快了,由於網絡延遲,放在第一頁的地圖他找不到。。。 求大神幫助一下,指點一番
  10. EB-bot 的 最後一個 頁簽 Client 如何使用,能實現TW 版本的 重啟遊戲,求指教
  11. 求大神發一封 可用的英文化補丁工具 郵箱[email protected] 不甚感激
  12. qibo1236


  13. 如題,怎麼解決的。沒有製圖大師怎麼辦。。╮(╯▽╰)╭
  14. qibo1236

    bot25e maps not working

    not in hideout...
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